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Most people don't realize just how convenient having a functioning washer is in your home, until you are in need of washer repair services.

When your washer is leaking, not spinning properly, or not working at all, don't hesitate to call. Whatever the issue may be, we can perform washer repair in Citrus Heights CA and beyond. No matter how big or small the washer repair issue is.

Washer repair is our specialized field and we pride ourselves on being the best. Prolonging contacting us for help, can usually only make matters worse. And if water damage is a factor in the equation, then you are risking even more of a financial burden or having to deal with homeowner's insurance claims.

Who wants the headache of either of those situations? Let us deal with the washer repair service before a molehill becomes a mountain.

Don't bother trying to repair your appliance on your own. Washers are complex machines and by trying to do it yourself, you may risk making things worse. We are now servicing washer repair service and washer parts in Citrus Heights CA and the surrounding areas. When you need washer repair, we're just a simple phone call away:call us today! It'll be one less thing to worry about tomorrow.

Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Putting a washing machine on a flat surface doesn't always fix nagging vibration and shaking issues. In some cases, the washing machine will still rock back and forth. If levelling the ground doesn't help, check a few other things out before giving up. See if the lock bolts and stabilizers are tight and in place, or if they are loose and possibly causing the machine to rock. This is one common cause of a rocking washer when the surface isn't to blame.


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